Weekly Brew: Nesting

We officially have just under 10 weeks left before we meet the newest little addition to our family! I think it’s also safe to say that I am officially in crazy-mama-nesting-mode.

This week I decided to…

clean out the entirety of our basement,

organize the nursery and our homeschooling space,

make lists of all the last-minute baby items we still need,

sort and wash all the baby’s clothes,

plan “spring break” activities for our oldest and I,


wonder what else I should be organizing or planning. Ha.

Crazy-mama-nesting-mode, right?

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All this nesting started a train of thought bubbles about what makes a house a home. I’ve been inspired lately by different things in our home – both concrete and abstract – that help evoke those words like haven, retreat, sunny, and cheerful.  The final thought bubble left me with five simple ideas that always help our nest feel more like a place of serenity, joy and rest.


Fresh flowers. And in springtime, is there nothing more inviting and refreshing? I only have a few daffodil blooms, but I can see the buds on our pear trees and the tiny tips of tulips just peeking out of the soil. I cannot wait for more!

A simple, personal goal for each week. It might be a project (like cleaning out our basement), doing yoga 3 days out of 5, planning a get-together with friends, or even mapping out our dinner menu for the week. Goals somehow help me feel more organized and create a sense of productivity – especially when I put my mind to completing them!

A Pandora station I love. When I was growing up, my mom always had jazz or piano music playing from her study on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s something that always makes me feel like I’m home, and puts us in a more cheerful and energized mood. I love the Piano Guys and Dave Brubeck, so I tend to stick with those stations on a day when I get to choose the music.

A doable cleaning schedule we can stick to. I probably change this every few months, since our needs as a family are constantly changing! But a tidy countertop, sorted mail, or folded laundry can immensely help my often complicated inner thought process (or “spaghetti brain” as I like to call it). I love looking on Pinterest for cleaning schedules.

Extending our nest to the great outdoors. Of our backyard. Or the park. Or the community garden. Finding places that can be extensions of our home that take place out in nature gives us both practical and abstract benefits – from Vitamin D and good endorphins to a sense of teamwork and adventure!



Above: the result of nursery organization! Can you tell I’m ready to meet him? 🙂

I’m excited to keep searching this week for God’s little blessings and those things that help make our house feel more like a nest – a place of retreat and rest.


What things make your house feel more like home?



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