The Post That Was Supposed to be a Muffin Recipe

Yes, it’s true – this post was supposed to be a fabulous, springtime lemon muffin recipe. Spoiler alert…it’s not! 😀

On the morning this post was attempted…

I “got up,” but hadn’t sleep all night.

4 year old Bundle was up way too early – and complained about breakfast before I even had it on the table.

The dog ran in from the garage and ate all the cat’s expensive healthy food. Really, pup?

And it seemed like I couldn’t find the coffeemaker because…where are my glasses?!

It was really just one of those mornings.



Don’t these lemon “muffins” look sad? Poor little guys.

First they fell in on themselves before even coming out of the oven. I tried to give them extra time to bake and didn’t open the oven at all, but they were already goners. Maybe I left out something major, like baking powder? Next they proceeded to stick the pan and crumble apart. Whoops. Might’ve forgotten to spray the pan, too. I finally scooped a few out of the tin with a spoon. Hubby insisted they were meant to hold scoops of rainbow sherbet ice cream. I love that man.

But basically, these muffins = my morning. Messy, crumbly and caving in.



Despite their sorry condition, I filled one of the muffins with an icing sugar glaze and ate it out of a bowl with a spoon. Not bad.

Not what I planned, but not bad!

God filled my day with even more little, sweet surprises. Blessings that I certainly didn’t deserve, but I guess…that’s grace, isn’t it?

I wanted to share those beautiful little moments of grace and blessing today. Instead of flip-flopped muffins.



New daffodils in the garden. These never fail to cheer me up. Also, vitamin D is always a plus.


Bundle and I took advantage of the sunshine (once the morning meltdowns were over) and spent some time rediscovering her fairy garden. I’ve neglected the plants in it all winter long, and the chives somehow managed to flourish anyway! The treasures, small dog figurine and flag made of lace were entirely her ideas. ❤


Right before lunch I received an unexpected, but delightful package from a friend with a small gift for each of us, even Baby who is due in May.


Right after lunch the door bell rang and I answered the door to one of my friends who owns a local flower shop, holding this beautiful bouquet sent from my Hubby. The note simply said, “Coffee? Love, {Hubby}”. As aforementioned, I love that man.

Today started with chaos. I definitely did not plan the chaos. But I’m so thankful God knew what I needed and provided it before I even knew I needed it.

I couldn’t be more grateful that this post turned out not to be a muffin recipe.


Happy Thursday!



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