Fall Scones!

Our little garden and baked goods business had a very busy summer!

Homemade Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix!

Guys, cake mix! As in the kind where you just toss in eggs, milk and oil, then have perfect cake batter… Perfect for impromptu dinner parties, potlucks, or prep-ahead birthday parties! I just love cake mixes. They have been hard to part with since going gluten free. A few weeks back, I found a gluten…

Flowers and Coffee and Things

I used to publish “Wordless Wednesday” blog posts several years back, posts with only photos, no writing. The early August flowers have been so beautiful, I can’t help but to try to capture them every chance I get!   The result? A pictures-only blog post about flowers, pretty, prairie skies … oh, and coffee, too.❤…

4 Ingredient Energy Bites

Ever have a hard time finding something sweet, salty, healthy, and filling enough to satisfy your snack-tooth?

How to Make Dried Basil

Whether you’re an avid gardener with too much basil on your hands, or simply want a thrifty way to have a kitchen staple in the spice/herb cabinet, drying basil is a fun, simple way to utilize what you already have in your garden.

Gluten Free Baked Chocolate Espresso Doughnuts

If I have a weakness (besides ice cream and coffee), it would be doughnuts. Unfortunately, with my high gluten intolerance, gluten free doughnuts are hard to come by! I have only found one place in my area – as in, a 100 mile radius – with gluten free doughnuts. They. Were. Amazing.

My Happy Summer Reads

Sometimes you just need a happy read, a pick me up, a lighter literary friend. And what better time than summer to relax with some lighter reading material? These are my current favorites!

7 Books for Crafty, Outdoor Project, Woodworking Lovers

One of my husband’s favorite hobbies is woodworking. As an artist by trade and college background in mathematics, he’s got a keen eye for what looks great and really knows his stuff when it comes to building an Adirondak chair, leveling a farmer’s market stand, or creating a dream dress-up princess clothing rack for an…

Farmer’s Market Midsummer Update!

Well, we are about two months in on our family adventure of being a vendor at our local farmer’s market! And it has definitely been a worthwhile and rewarding adventure.🙂

Garden Herb Tomato Sauce

Our garden is finally bursting at the seams with tomatoes! When August hits and we’ve got tons of extra ripe tomatoes, that means I’ll be making pasta and pizza sauce from scratch, starting with the tomatoes from our garden! However, we’ve been saving most of the ripe Romas for our local farmer’s market each week….