Worshipping with Abandon

He is risen!!

Easter blessings to you this morning, sweet reader.

There’s this youtube music channel that my kids are obsessed with — within seconds (yep, seconds) of hearing the first beat they’re reduced to a raucous, wiggling, giggling crew and amping up their dance moves from the floor to the tallest furniture they can find. They go absolutely nuts when they hear this song!

I don’t usually appreciate chaos, but hearing them scream “Hallelu- Hallelu – Hallelu – Hallelujah… PRAISE YE THE LORD!!!” while twirling … I mean, I don’t even a little bit want them to stop!

It is this, and their dancing, that I think of when I hear the phrase “worship with abandon.”

And I adore that phrase.

This Easter morning, I’m finding myself in total awe of God’s grace. Of Jesus’s sacrifice. For me! I sit in it – in the realization of its gravity – with reverence at first. But then, there’s JOY!!! Because friends, death was NOT the end. Jesus was raised from the dead, he washed us as white as snow. There is victory over sin, separation, despair.

My goal today, then, is to worship Jesus with total abandon.

Throwing all cares of what others think is “proper worship behavior” to the wind and putting my heart and soul into glorifying him.

And my goodness, what if I adopted this kind of attitude on the daily? Like…forever?! How freeing would this be?

I think of David from the Bible who just couldn’t keep from dancing riotously in praise in II Samuel 6. He totally knew his behavior was absurd and socially unacceptable…maybe even borderline contemptible. But his heart was in it. He didn’t care about anything else BUT praising his God.

I want to be like that today. I will be like that today.

This Easter and this week and this season I choose to worship my God, my Savior, my Jesus with complete and total abandon. With ridiculousness. With utter joy and without fear of what others think.

Dancing like a crazy person with my kids to that song… 100 times.

Writing and hitting publish on each blog post here with love, truth, and bravery.

And not caring how many exclamations points I include, because who cares?! I’m psyched!!!

Opening my Bible every single day.

Singing that hymn that’s been stuck in my head all day in the middle of the grocery store. Loudly.

Putting my heart and soul into serving and being Jesus’s hands and feet — even if it’s just fixing up a jar of granola for a hurting friend or neighbor.

What does worshiping with abandon look like for you?

Dwell on it today, friend. If ever there was a time to soak up that thought and outrageously praise Jesus it would be today.

Happy Easter!


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