Weekly Brew: New Beginnings

Happy Monday, everyone!

A couple of years ago, when I completely made over A Fresh Brewed Faith, I began regularly posting something called the “Weekly Brew” every Monday.


I was shooting for positive, faith-based and thought-provoking, and blogged a lot about things God was teaching me. I longed to pen something encouraging each week that others could relate to. I enjoyed writing them very much. After a while, I went through a discouraging season in life and quit writing Weekly Brews. I figured that food-only posts were safer, less intrusive, and far less likely to spark arguments or negative comments.

But this year, in hopes of staying faithful to my New Year’s resolution, I want to begin again. I want to write more bravely and post more courageously about those things where my passions lie. And I want to start the Weekly Brew, well, afresh!

“I must continue to breathe afresh every day, or my life will cease.”

-Augustus Toplady, cleric and hymn-writer of the 1700s


Even as I choose what photos to use with this post, I feel at peace.  I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with time today to do this writing thing I love, and share it.


What better time to start than now?



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