Ice Storm Downtime

The storm we were prepping for finally hit!

Of course, the usual indoor activities of Netflix, playing “dinosaur” – a glorified game of chase – and lots of naps have happened too. I’m working hard on being content in the quiet, still moments. I’m glad God reminded me this weekend to slow down a little with this beautiful storm.


I love the stalactite-like icicles shimmering from the tree branches.


Despite the beauty of it all, I was thankful for today’s church service – it was nice to get out and see friends and fellowship after a long, indoor-only weekend!

So far this weekend, we’ve done a lot of….

Video Games. Super Mario (on Hubby’s vintage and sometimes glitchy Super Nintendo) and Roblox are the current faves. Bundle has adored getting the hang of jumping and running to escape little monsters and hop down those green tubes to get gold coins. So cute! I figure it’s helping her hand-eye coordination as well, and I love watching her and Hubby have some quality time.



Baking. Of course. You aren’t surprised, right? Click here tomorrow to check out my current baking list! Bundle loves helping out, and Friday night before the storm hit, we made two dozen giant chocolate chip cookies. They’re already almost gone! I guess it’s time for a batch of granola, or one of those amazing looking Pinterest recipes.


Reading. Sometimes the busy weeks fly by and I forget about the library books I checked out in hopes of a quiet moment. Well, those quiet moments definitely hit this weekend! Bundle finished her first Natalie chapter book (we’ve been reading this series that she received as a Christmas gift since December, and we LOVE it! Highly recommend.) I’ve been glancing over Rebekah Lyon’s Freefall to Fly and started a new SheReadsTruth devotional. Hubby has been helping out with the read aloud time, and starting a new Alan Krieder’s Journey Towards Holiness with the rest of our Sunday school class.


Inventing dog toys for Pup. Macaroni boxes or oatmeal containers with a treat trapped inside, hide and seek games, and tennis ball retrieval from the basement are at the top of the list. Since extended back yard playtime and the dog park are out of the question, indoor playtime it is! I’m so glad Bundle and Hubby love helping out in this department too. This pregnant mama doesn’t quite have as much energy these days! 🙂


Crafting. Kind of like reading, crafts sometimes get tossed to the side in the middle of busier weeks. This week my mom sent us an envelope full of discarded craft items from her workplace, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying them! Even if I don’t have a plan for an invitation to play or a specific craft to create, it’s fun to just get it all out, throw some scissors and markers and glue on the table, and find out what happens! Bundle made this “castle,” and finished her Cottontail Rabbit science/art project on Friday. ❤



Meanwhile outside…


What are you doing this weekend?


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