10 Beautiful Edible Gardens

Even though the weather’s been chilly and blustery today, the daffodils and hyacinths are in bloom here, and I’m ready to start dreaming about my summer veggie garden! Can anyone else relate? I’ve been Pinterest-ing (that’s a verb, right?) like crazy, and here are some of the most beautiful vegetable gardens I’ve come across. These gorgeous gardens are sure to inspire your gardening creativity this spring!

Take a breather today and gaze on these glorious edible gardens!

Source: https://matthewmurrey.com/beautiful-vegetable-gardens/

This amazing “Garden of Abundance” is located in France at La Chatonniere. I can simply imagine leisurely strolling through the rows and plucking lettuces and other goodies for a salad later on…

Source: Yardsurfer.com

I’m loving these English pottager-style fences! It reminds me of Peter Rabbit in Mr. MacGregor’s garden.

Source: A Piece of Rainbow

Uhm…. Can I please just teleport here right now?? If any edible garden was drool-worthy, it’d be this one!

Source: contentinacottage.blogspot.com

How adorable is this cottage-y, sectioned, yard garden? I’m in love with the ladder trellises and bunting near the fire pit.

Source: https://matthewmurrey.com/beautiful-vegetable-gardens/

This ledged container garden from New Zealand has a more modern feel, but the light colors give such a relaxing vibe!

Source: clattr.com

These large, naturalistic posts, bright blooms, rich green colors, and lovely, wide pathways look so inviting. (Our garden is fenced to keep out little veggie-loving animals, little people, and our big, cucumber-eating dog. This picture is #gardengoals for me.)

Source: A Piece of Rainbow

Oh my…loving the brick pathways, wide variety of plants and multiple arches!

Source: sanctuarygardener.wordpress.com

Wow! Take a second to appreciate this amazing gourd and squash tunnel!

Source: apieceofrainbow.com

These two raised and mulched bed gardens are absolutely lovely. My yard is pretty flat, so no tiered beds for us, but I adore admiring them!

Which garden did you admire the most?

I’ll definitely be digging out my seed packets, trowel and potting soil this week. I have all the inspiration I need now. 🙂

Happy nearly-Spring!

Feature Photo by Kenan Kitchen on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Edible Gardens

  1. I’ve been to La Chatonnaire but didn’t appreciate the complicated overall design since I was strolling the paths without the benefit of the overhead view. Each garden you picked has merit, and I’d pluck ideas from this one or that one. Would love to have brick paths in my potager someday, and my fence has to keep out lots of critters, but I also wanted it to match the fence on our deck. Love my moveable metal trellises. Wish I’d designed the space with a bit more shade at times! Happy planning and planting!


    1. Wow!! I would love to travel there someday and do exactly what you did — “pluck ideas” from the gardens for my own! Thanks so much for chiming in. 🙂 Happy spring to you!


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