Ten Psalms for When You Feel Overwhelmed

Happy Sunday!

I usually post my Weekly Brews on Mondays, but I’ve been struggling lately with overwhelm…Sundays (sadly) being no exception. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the next day’s/next week’s tasks. I’m rarely as serene or present as I want to be on Sundays. Anybody else in this boat?

The weekend chores have piled up, the worries and to-do’s for the day and week ahead hang over me, and it all just feels like it’s too much.

If that’s you today, take heart.

You’re not alone.

I thought I’d mull over some of my favorite Psalms that help me when I’m feeling that right-before-the-week-starts anxiety. Honestly, I’m creating this day-ahead Weekly Brew as a reminder for myself of God’s peace that I can come back to over and over again. Maybe on Sundays. Maybe every day!

I Peter 5:7 says that we can give all our anxieties to God because he cares for us. Yes, the Almighty, Absolutely Sovereign Creator of the Universe cares for YOU! No worry is too insignificant for Him. No trouble is too heavy. No task too trivial OR tough.

Don’t underestimate that truth, friend.

Take a few moments to breathe in God’s word and surrender to him all your concerns. All those checklist items that aren’t getting done. All the weight of a new week.

Need somewhere to start? Here are ten of my favorite Psalms from the Bible to help you meditate on how deeply Jesus loves and cares for you and each of your worries.

Which Psalm speaks to your soul this morning? If there is one…do something for me, please. Write it down somewhere or share it with someone. Even save the image to your photos so you can look back on it later today or tomorrow or any time that overwhelm sets in.

Do it and remember that God so deeply loves and cares for you.

Guess what? I’ll be doing that right alongside you.

Blessings on this beautiful Sunday!

*All verses in this post are from the NLT version.

7 thoughts on “Ten Psalms for When You Feel Overwhelmed

  1. I love blogging on scriptures for meditation! Absolutely beautiful! Thank u for these, needed them today! And bonus how gorgeous u made them. Do u have them available 2 download? X

    Liked by 1 person

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