Praying Through Decluttering


Stuff can so easily accumulate and clutter.

But this post isn’t about capsule wardrobes, donating to charity or living simply (all good things, though). It’s about continuously choosing joy  while decluttering our minds and homes – with God’s love, through God’s love, for the love of our families.


Picking up after family members – especially littles – can be a never-ending task. Sometimes the clutter in my home permeates my mind, too. At night, it seems, the mind-clutter worsens. (Any other mamas out there hear me?) I just cannot turn off my brain – especially the channel spewing all the things I need to pick up and organize around the house.

My minute-prayer this week is designed to help us focus on Christ and His love, and fill our minds with Him instead of with clutter. Through this, my prayer is that I will persist in love as I go through my home picking up after my family.

Use my minute-prayer as a springboard for your own prayers today as you go about finding places for all those legos, jackets, and unsorted mail.


Loving this Praying Through series? Don’t forget to come back next Monday for our next task – Bathroom Cleaning! (nope, not joking!)

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