Praying Through Bathroom Cleaning

Raise your hand if you love to clean your bathroom!




No one? Yeah, me neither. But alas, it must be done, right?

I’ve written a lot in these last few weeks about choosing joy while going through our generally mundane daily chores. While choosing joy is certainly applicable to bathroom cleaning, I’m taking a different route today in our Praying Through series.


If there’s any chore that should remind me of my own immortality and humanity it would be cleaning the bathroom. There’s filth and grime (even hours after cleaning it) that accumulates in hidden corners and other places that we’d just rather not look. If not properly and regularly scrubbed down, bathrooms spread germs like crazy.

Sometimes my human heart is just ugly and full of junk I hope no one uncovers. Sometimes even (especially) Jesus. This is what makes confession hard. When the sin in my life gets buried under facades and distractions, it lays the groundwork for more sin to grow.

The good news is…

and it is truly good news…

There is redemption.

When Christ comes sweeping in with his grace and we freely accept Him, the filth of our souls is immediately wiped away, gone. Forever.

And our soul is left sparkling, white as snow.

Most definitely whiter than my bathroom counters! 🙂

I’m praising God this week for his wonderful forgiveness and salvation – and how he freely gives this grace again, and again, and again. I’m using my freedom in this truth to inspire this week’s minute-prayer.


Won’t you pray this week with me – especially on the day you clean your bathroom? 🙂

Grab your own printable version here —> PrayingThroughBathroomCleaning

You won’t want to miss next week’s post, and the last one in my Praying Through series! Come back again next Monday to read more.

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