Praying Through the Dishes

Doing the dishes is by far my least favorite chore. Even after making a delicious, enjoyable and beautiful meal for my family, the visual stress of a pile of dirty dishes in the sink can send me completely over the edge. And worse, sometimes doing the dishes can bring out the great, dreaded “R” word — resentment.

I hate admitting that I may resent something (or anything) I do for my family. It sounds selfish and silly. But in the throes of mommyhood and the occasional chaos of life, resentment can pop its ugly head right up over that stack of dirty dishes.

My minute-prayer focus this week is choosing gratitude and joy over resentment and drudgery. Is doing the dishes an innately joyful task? Probably not. But if we invite Jesus to be a part of it, we’re inviting thankfulness to cut the bitterness like Dawn cuts grease.


As you take on the assignment of scouring those pots and pans and plates and forks today, try this…

Assign one kind of dish for each person in your family (like bowls for your son, forks for your hubby, etc.), and pray specifically over that person – both praising and petitioning – for as long as it takes to wash all of that kind.

Use my prayer today as a jump-starter, if you like, to begin your dish-prayers.

God makes all things glorious – even the doing the dishes! Rejoice!


Click here for your own printable version of this prayer —> PrayingThroughtheDishes


Enjoying my Praying Through series? Come back next Monday for the next chore — decluttering!


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