5 Community Volunteering Ideas to Do with Your Preschooler

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Today I’m throwing my two cents in about community volunteering with your preschooler!

Homeschooling has been an enriching experience in so many ways already, but even at only a few years in, I’ve found that getting involved in our community has made it all the more richer.

Think volunteering around town with littles sounds daunting? Here are some fun and doable activities you and your child can start in on right away!


Show your library some love. Ask if you can volunteer your time as a parent with your local library, and see if they’ll let your little one help! Offer to aid in a craft/story time and have your child set up materials. Does your library have a toy lending service? See if you can volunteer with your preschooler to count the toy items in each box or organize the toy containers.

Collect canned food for a food drive. Have your child choose a few canned goods or non-perishable items they’d like to donate to your local food bank. See if you and your child can help with organization or delivery.

Help out at a community garden. We live in a very rural area with a few tiny surrounding towns, but because of our amazing community members, we have two flourishing community gardens within ten miles! Take a couple shifts watering with your preschooler, or teach your child how to pull weeds. (Hey, why not throw a plant lesson in there somewhere?)

Contact your local animal shelter. If your child isn’t allergic to animals, see if you and your preschooler can help with feeding or walking tasks. (Grooming might be a bit challenging at this age.) Or… ask if your child can decorate a few posters to advertise for pets that need rehoming. The cuteness factor may just attract the perfect owners-to-be!

Collect, sort and organize supplies for a church or arts center. Selecting craft supplies like markers and glue sticks is perfect for little hands. Plus, your preschooler may just be inspired to go home and get a little creative with her own supplies afterwards!


What are some of your great ideas for helping out with your preschooler in the community? Comment and let me know! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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*Disclaimer: These posts are simply the opinions of one homeschool mama. No expert here, just someone hoping to help and inspire others while throwing my two cents in! 🙂 *

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