Growing Things

Our family is trying something new this year.

We decided in April to join the ranks of our local farmer’s market as a vendor selling fresh produce, flowers, and baked goods.

We were beyond excited to start, and I admit, the first market of the season was so much fun. People bustling around, trying to figure out who is selling what, kids running in the park area behind the vendors chasing bugs, and baked goods upon baked goods gracing nearly every table.

Apple Cinnamon Scone Prep for a fundraiser, prior to our first market. These were almost like our trial run! We made 96 scones that week. They sold out! 🙂

This week will mark our fourth farmer’s market week.

Because of all the prep involved, blogging has taken a back seat.

But now that the produce is underway and the baking orders are thinning out, I finally had a few moments to post some pics of our garden.


These now gorgeous echinacea nearly died from a tiny, fuzzy, black caterpillar, who pretty much single-handedly destroyed several stalks of the plant! I’m thankful for our local garden center owner, who pointed me in the right direction to safely and organically save my flowers!


Shasta daisies are my favorite flower, and these doubles aren’t disappointing this year! We usually bundle these into huge bouquets and sell them at the market. Otherwise they’re  gracing the countertops as we bake!


We will always love our flowers. These gladiolas are just about to bloom. ❤

Since our first gardening adventure five years ago, Hubby and I decided to be a little more brave and add several veggies and fruits.


Greens beans, climbing the fence. I love how these look with their tiny white flowers. Natural fence + food all in one! 🙂


Roma tomatoes, just ripening.


Front row is butternut squash, back row is zucchini. Can’t wait!


Top left are sweet, multi-colored peppers. Top right are cherry tomatoes. Bottom is our pumpkin patch, that keeps growing bigger and bigger by the day!



Our succulents, green onions, white onions and herbs. This year, we planted almost too many herbs to keep track of! My favorites for cooking are basil, chives and rosemary. Fresh mint can often be found in my water and fruit too!


So far, this has been such an adventure. We’ve had several challenges – strong winds, black caterpillars, one week of very low sales –  but how exciting that we’re already one month in!

We’re looking forward to the high summer months — hopefully chock-full of delicious summer produce — and continuing our family’s little market adventure.







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