Iced Raspberry Mint Sun Tea

Guys… tomorrow’s forecast is 104.

1.0.4. Degrees. Fahrenheit.

Just the right temp for a icy cold kitchen experiment, right?

Our sunflowers finally have bloomed in this sweltering Midwest heat!

A few weeks back, I went with my family to a little market in (another) small farming community. It was jam-packed with fresh picked berries, hand-crafted wood furniture, smoked meats, delicious breads and cookies, and homegrown flower bouquets that could make a professional florist blush.

It was beautiful, in a noisy, hot, laughter-filled, barbeque-with-several-hundred-of-your-friends kind of way.

My favorite booth in the whole market was run by a friend of my mom’s.  Her table was filled to the edges with enormous stalks of fresh herbs and floral arrangements, and just in front of a large vase of fresh dill was a big glass jar labled “Apple Mint Tea.” It looked absolutely refreshing. I couldn’t think of anything better than a glass of iced tea at a big, crowded summer market. The friend of my mom’s had brewed the tea with apple mint straight from her garden. It looked divine! I knew that it would be something I’d have to experiment with and try as soon as I got back home!

After some testing it out, we served this raspberry mint tea at our own farmer’s market tonight, and it was a hit! There’s just something about a glass of fresh iced tea that makes a stroll in the evening summer sun so much better.


Iced Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

What you’ll need:

a 2 gallon (or larger) glass jar with a lid
2 gallons water
5 raspberry tea bags
10-15 fresh mint leaves
12 oz. frozen raspberries

Pour the water into the jar. Add the tea bags, and secure the strings (if there are any) to the top of the jar. Wash the mint leaves and roll them around in your fingers for a couple of seconds to release the oils of the mint. Add the leaves to the water. Place the lid on the jar and leave in the sun for 3-4 hours.

The brewing time totally depends on how strong your like your iced tea.

After the tea has brewed, place it in the fridge to cool for 3-4 more hours. Add ice if you need quicker cooling time.

Finally, dump the frozen raspberries in and give the tea a quick stir.

I think this tea would be so pretty in a big glass pitcher. If you’re serving straight out of the jar (one with a spout attached, like mine) you may need to give the raspberries at the bottom a stir every once in a while. They clogged up our spout a couple of times. 🙂



This is what’s left after the market tonight. Plenty for the warm weekend ahead!

All in all, I’m calling this a successful kitchen experiment.


Enjoy with lots of sun.






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