Dinosaur Memory Cards {freebie!}

Hello, parents of dinosaur lovers!

I’ve finally begun some of the really fun work on this Dinosaur Unit Study post series – the printables! Today’s freebie is a set of matching dinosaur memory cards! Read more to download!

I first got this idea from an old Mailbox magazine article, and adapted the cards for our needs.

Memory and matching games are a great way to challenge the brains of your little thinkers, and, as a reader here on another dinosaur unit study post commented, dinosaurs “always win the hearts of little ones.” She is so right! 😀

You can use these cute little cards in so many ways – I thought I’d share some of what we do with them!

  • Play a simple matching game with them. See if your child can match up the dinosaurs. This is perfect for little tots who need something simpler than memory. For a challenge, rearrange the cards, then use a timer to challenge your toddler to become faster at switching the cards next to their match!
  • Used the cards for a vocabulary hunt. We checked out a couple of library books on dinosaurs and by looking through the pictures, could identify the names of the dinos on each card. Then we combined the first idea with this one, and had fun matching pairs and naming them. (Sample teacher language: Can you find the match for this lonely brontosaurus? Where are two pterodactyls?)
  • Played Dinosaur Memory! Flip all the cards over so no dinosaurs are showing. Have each player take turns flipping over two cards at a time, in attempt to match two. From here, it’s fun to make up your own rules. Sometimes we allow second turns after a correct match…sometimes we mix up the cards in the middle of the game for more of a challenge.



Matching Dino Memory Cards





Hope you enjoy these cute little freebies.  To download your own copy, simply click on the link or the photo above, then print!


Happy matching!



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