Our Simple Summer Schedule

The sun is shining, the freezer is stocked with popsicles, school’s officially out for everyone in our county, and the baby pool is filled up almost daily. Sure signs of summer, right?

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End of Year Homeschooling Reflections

Well, our little one is still happily baking and has not made an appearance yet! So today, I’m spending some time finishing up a few¬†blog posts, organizing summer learning activities for Bundle, baking, and praying for patience!

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Unfried Ice Cream


Fried ice cream is one of those decadent, one-of-a-kind treats that makes me think of wearing the Carlos O’Kelley’s sombrero on your birthday. It’s not something I ever thought about making at home…

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Iced Raspberry Mint Sun Tea

Guys… tomorrow’s forecast is 104.

1.0.4. Degrees. Fahrenheit.

Just the right temp for a icy cold kitchen experiment, right?

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My Top Ten Favorite Things About Summer

Blue skies, vibrant flora, sweet berries and tomatoes…


There’s nothing quite like summer.

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