Free Spring Watercolor Planner

Hey, busy mamas, this freebie’s for you!!

My penchant for using paper-and-pencil planners soothes my soul in an oddly wonderful (probably teacher-related) way. Inspired by the softer, feminine colors of spring and a necessity to tackle spring projects, I couldn’t help but create something new! I designed this simple + beautiful weekly printable planner so that you can jot down — and then masterfully execute! — all the things.

This planner has all your basic categories for planning covered:

homeschooling/teaching focus

health goals

project lists

top three daily priorities

rest and relaxation

playtime ideas for kids

errand and outing list

*didn’t add grocery list, since that can get extensive! 🙂
Sample Images

Planners are such a personal-preference kind of thing, so I designed this one to be used in multiple ways, too.
Here are some ideas!

You could…

  • print several copies for multiple week’s worth of pages to hole punch and use in a three ring binder
  • print one copy of each page, then place in plastic sleeves in a three ring binder (use a thin-tipped dry erase marker to save paper, and use multiple times!) You could also laminate and hole punch and use the same method.
  • download and tweak as you need in your favorite graphic editing program, then print and use
  • print one week, or even day at a time, and staple and jot down as needed!

Pick the one that best suits you! I adore using straight up pencil and printed paper, but have also used the plastic sleeve/dry-erase marker method in the past.

Ready to grab yours and start planning?

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Happy Spring, and Happy Planning!


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