Summer Hymn

Praise to the Father

Who brews each morning fresh.

Praise Him

Who gently dots the grass with gold and scarlet and white.

Praise Him

Who dusts this day with sunshine and grace.

Praise Him

Who thinks on me – me! – and delights.

Praise Him

Who grants hope eternal.

Praise to the Son

Who shines through darkness I thought once impenetrable.

Praise Him

Who reminds me with love the mercy he extends.

Praise Him

Who alone keeps me in safety.

Praise Him

Who weeps with my weeping friends.

Praise Him who drenches me in salvation with scarred palms.

Praise to the Holy Ghost

Who brushes peace past my cheek on the morning breeze.

Praise Him

Who whispers true guidance to my soul.

Praise Him

Who makes me shout and dance with joy like a toddler with a dripping popsicle.

Praise Him

Who breathes in me a hope I didn’t have yesterday.


Written in honor of my Granny Faith, whose 84th birthday is today.


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