Hygge-Inspired Summer Activities for Your Family

I don’t know about anyone else here in the Midwest, but this summer’s hot, sticky, cut-with-a-knife humidity has basically rendered me useless everywhere except my basement! It’s. So. Hot.

But with two wiggly, energetic kids (and a couple of wiggly, energetic indoor pets) we all end up needing some quiet, fun activities to accomplish in the cool of house together from time to time.

The Danish concept of “hygge” has become a huge trend these last few years. Hygge by definition, according to Hygge House is… “a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.”

Even though the Hygge trend is traditionally enjoyed in fall and winter here in the U.S., why can’t it be extended into summer? Hole up out of the heat with these five indoor family activities!


  • Vintage Movie Night

Bust out the old VHS (or DVD) player and a few favorite family films. Pop a huge bowl of popcorn, and watch a classic together on the comfort of your cool couch. Up the ante with some candy you loved as a child. (Mine was anything Nestle!) Some of our favorite vintage family flicks this summer are:

-The Wind and the Willows
-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
-Honey I Shrunk the Kids
-Finding Nemo
-Beauty and the Beast (the original)

  • Puzzle-a-thon

Invest in a few unique and age-appropriate puzzles, and work together to see how many you can complete in an afternoon! Try something new like a 3D puzzle or even some mind-benders like metal puzzle games or Rubix cubes! Have littles? Try some wooden picture puzzles or giant floor puzzles! Sometimes you can find them for free at your local library! Our favorite puzzle spots are the floor or our large high-top table in our basement, far away from the sweltering heat!

  • Berry Picking & Pie Making

This one takes just a bit of outdoor stamina before the fun really kicks in – but the end-results are so worth it! Take a trip to a local berry patch and pick berries. (Blackberries are ripe here now!) When you get home, wash them up and bake a pie! Don’t forget to devour it with ice cream together later!

  • Indoor Camping

This is THE perfect solution for your little (or big) adventurers in the heat of summer. Skip the sunblock and pitch a tent in your living room! Complete the set-up with camping themed books, flashlights, stuffed animals (think bears, raccoons, + other woodland creatures), and oven-toasted marshmallows!

  • Make a Reading Corner and Read Aloud with Snacks

Work together to create a reading-only area in your home … comfy pillows, fuzzy blankets, stuffed animals, and stacks and stacks of books! Read together for a while, and then have a short time when everyone can have some read-alone time. Add some quiet munchies like apple + cheese slices + juice boxes for a simple treat!


My littlest (and one of the fur balls) during our puzzle-a-thon! He LOVES safari animals!


What are your family’s favorite ways to stay cool together this summer?


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