Preschool P.E. at Home

When we first started preschool activities at home, I knew physical activity and education would be important, but I wasn’t sure where to start!

As time went on, I realized that the most important part of physical education in the early childhood years is simply the enjoyment of and participation in being active! So we began doing things we loved, and our P.E. evolved from there.


Today, we still incorporate many of these into our weekly routine. Here’s how we do P.E. in our home-preschool!


Get outside! Probably the simplest and most broad physical activity there is. Our current favorites are puddle splashing, playing hide and seek, swinging, and digging in the dirt.

Play Red Light, Green Light. Look here for a fun alternative.

Invest in a small trampoline or a few exercise mats. Bounce for days! Create a tumbling routine. Make an obstacle course together. The possibilities are endless, so challenge your kids to use their imagination.

Search Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube. Love, love, love this channel. We do yoga stories many times a week. And trust me, mamas, you’ll love doing these, too!

Get involved in your community. Recreation commission athletics, dance class, even community gardening can offer great health benefits to your kids.

Walk, walk, walk. To the park, library, coffee shop, church, or grocery store. Our favorite place to walk currently is our local dog park. We take baby brother, the jogging stroller, big sis, her doll, her doll’s stroller, and of course, the pup. 🙂 Everyone gets a great workout!

Find a free nature center to explore. These seriously offer endless opportunities for exercise and physical education. Run and play in the grass, dig in the sand boxes, make a play house using wooden materials, feed the ducks and walk the paths, collect leaves and sticks for a nature study. Visit again, and repeat!

Take a “bike-walk.” (This phrase was coined by my preschooler.) The idea is simple – preschooler rides while mama strolls. 🙂

Dance! Find a kid friendly radio station or a favorite CD and dance the wiggles away.

Do a few online aerobic videos together. In the evenings – especially in the winter – I involve my preschooler in my own workouts. Popsugar low-impact at home workouts are my favorites because they’re easy enough for me and my kid to follow along, and only take about 20 minutes.

Spend an hour at an indoor playground. Perfect for frosty, outdoor-off-limits days.

Create some large motor skill games using Pinterest! I just found this cute St. Patrick’s Day game and I can’t wait to print and use it.


Of course, there are hundreds of other ways to get your wiggly preschoolers at home moving, but these are our current faves.


What’s your favorite way to get moving with your preschooler?





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