Praying Through Cooking

I promise I didn’t originally plan for this post to come out the week after Thanksgiving…but it is fitting, isn’t it? 😉

Whether or not your family has leftovers from the big turkey day in your fridge or freezer, you’re likely to get back to the grind of daily cooking again soon. And for those of us who already made a big effort to get food on the table for multiple people (even multiple families!) all weekend long, this can be tough to do.

This last week (leading up to Thanksgiving) I felt like my creative reserves were dried up and gone. There was no brain juice left for figuring out a meal plan, much less the energy for cooking a single meal.

I realized, after some introspection, that I wasn’t only feeling uncreative, but also empty, drained. I knew I needed to look in a different direction than the fridge for inspiration.

This verse brought me comfort as I meditated on the idea of God filling up my soul.


Oh, how I need that. Oh, how I always need that.

This week, take some time to refuel your soul with the Bread of Life. Spend a few extra moments drinking in God’s presence as your bread bakes in the oven or your potatoes boil on the stove.

While you prepare food (yes, again) for your family this week, pray with me. Feel free to use my minute-prayer as a starting point for your own. Fill your prayers with thankfulness for God’s abundant grace, as well as his abundant provisions. He will no doubt fill you back up to the brim, and overflow you with all joy and peace.


Grab your PDF printable version right here —> PrayingThroughCooking




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