Praying Through the Laundry

If there were ever to be a continuous chore, it would be laundry, right? Add the clothing of any tiny humans into the mix, and your small hills of T-shirts and jeans quickly turn into mountains.

Let’s face it: life is busy. But communing with our Savior through prayer is not only beneficial for our relationship with Jesus – it’s essential. I love this quote…

cslewisquote 2


To start this week’s Praying Through series, I’m inviting you to pray through your laundry, or pray as you go through the motions of doing laundry. Through each sorted T-shirt. Through each rinse cycle. Through each tumbled towel and clothesline-pinned sock.

Don’t worry about making this another to-do to add your already full list. Just use this idea and my prayer below to jump-start your own prayers throughout your day. Mundane tasks can be made glorious through Jesus Christ, and if you’ve been entrusted to do the laundry today, give thanks! It’s a wonderful opportunity to enter into prayer with the Savior.

Folding your hubby’s socks? Thank God for him and pray peace and health over his day.

Hanging onesies on baby hangers? Praise God for your sweet, little addition and ask for patience through the long, weary nights.

Removing stains from soccer jerseys? Exalt (yes, exalt!) the Lord for green grass and learning opportunities and pray safety and joy over whoever wears that jersey.

Take this commonplace chore and turn it into a praise-song of abundance.


Interested in printing this prayer as a PDF? Click below!

—> laundryprayingthrough

Stay tuned for next week’s chore – Dishes!

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