Praying Through Series

God whispered something so small … and so big…  into my heart earlier this week.

That I need more of Him.

Less me. Less chores being completed. Less check marks off the to-do list.

More Him.

Why do these two, tiny, simple words carry so much weight? (And why are they so hard to carry out sometimes?)

I’m going to be a bit candid, and quote directly from my journal:

God, all this time I’ve been rushing around, working like mad to make sure kids are fed, beds are made, laundry is done, dishes are clean – all good (and necessary) things – but the cost has been the neglect of my soul-communion with You. 

I’ve not been steeping my soul in you – I’ve been neglecting prayer – even for the kids. Today, I want that to change.

I’m sharing because I feel like I may not be alone.

We all need more of Him.

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting a series of short prayers intended to be meditated on while going about our busy days.


Right now in this season of life, I’m deep in the midst of tough parenting issues, giggly bed-times, dirty diapers, and preschool papers (not to mention the daily household chores.) Some days, it feels like I really don’t have time to sit down to pray over my kids or our home. Some days, my prayers are whispered underneath the hum of the dishwasher. Some days they’re silent as I tip-toe past the baby’s room, picking up stray toys. Some days they’re in the form of laughter watching my four year old run wild.

I believe God hears those prayers.

I believe God can do amazing work through us as we prayerfully approach each ((super-busy)) day!

I’d love for you to journey along with me and pray each week through your daily tasks.

I’ve got a chore in store… 🙂 … for each week to focus our prayers on:




Bathroom Cleaning 


I’m hoping that you will be as excited as I am to reflect and pray over our families and homes in these coming weeks!


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