12 New Ways to Celebrate Fall While Homeschooling

Looking for some fun, fall activities for your homeschool that go beyond the pumpkin patch?

We were too! I’ve compiled a list of some unique activities we’ve been incorporating into our autumn school days, and a few we have yet to try. I can’t wait to check them all off our fall bucket list!

Make a scarecrow.

This year we’re using a pair of old overalls, old blankets for stuffing, and a dollar store plastic pumpkin for our front-porch-bound creation! (Pictures to come…)

Visit an apple orchard, then eat some of your pickings on the way home.

Why wait until you get home to enjoy a fresh-picked treat? We did this with peaches earlier in the summer, and my four-year-old loved it.

Decorate miniature pumpkins.

Tired of the mess of painting and carving? Try decorating with markers, sequins, pushpins, feathers, or buttons!


Host a fall-themed craft/play day.

Try a new fall-scented play dough and invite a few friends over to test it out! More of a crafty person? Set out a menagerie of craft supplies in fall colors and dive right in with the kids. Sometimes the best creations aren’t planned!

Add seasonal poetry to your homeschool day.

I love this list from Teaching First. We’ve been using these for our Teatime Poetry (a new Monday tradition for us this year.) One of my daughter’s favorites is The Frisky Little Squirrel Song -sung to the tune of The Grand Old Duke of York.

Bake up something fall-ish.

Try these awesome Spiced Carrot Cake Scones ! Want some more inspiration? Check out my Giving Thanks Board on Pinterest!


Organize or participate in a kindness attack.

Contact a few neighbors or downtown businesses who could use a helping hand and invest in your community! Raking leaves, mowing (if the weather’s still warm), window washing, delivering/returning library books for the elderly, or singing at a nursing home are just a few ideas to get you started!

Start mornings with hot chocolate and a favorite fall book.

We’ve recently gotten into a big hot chocolate kick here (even this avid coffee drinker has enjoyed a few cups of cocoa this week.) Why not pour a mug for your kids to go along side breakfast? Read a chapter from a favorite book to add to the coziness. We are loving the Magic Tree House series right now.

Host a costume parade.

Even if you don’t do Halloween, getting out the dress-up box, coming up with the silliest costumes and parading around the basement can be a fun, celebratory break from the mundane!

My little dinosaur, last fall.

Go for a fall book hunt in the library.

Have a contest to see how many fall-themed books your kids can find on the shelves. If you’re feeling creative, you could even make a little list (books about pumpkins, a book with a leaf on the cover, etc.) and have your kids work together!

Recreate your favorite candy bar.

Pinterest will probably be your best friend on this one. Find a copycat, DIY recipe to recreate your favorite candy bars and spend some quality time in the kitchen.

Take as many pictures as possible!

I’m always, always camera happy. I have WAY too many (just kidding, can I ever get enough?) photos of my kiddos. There’s never a shortage of cute photo opportunities during autumn! Go crazy!

12 new ways fall



What do you do to celebrate fall at home?

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