Autumn Lyrics


The mornings I can sit down and write are few and far between,

but given the kids are fast asleep,

and the coffee is strong

and the house is deep

in quiet…

I’ll grab the clock and slow down time, to dwell on things usually unseen.


A group of leaves depart for earth, their take-offs staggered.

And when they reach the ground, the sun-kissed air whisks them off again,

to someplace unknown.

They teach me how to gracefully move into another season of life.

I am thankful.


The first light of the sun melts the chill of fall

into a sweet, bright dawn.

It teaches me the power of illumination – how it obliterates shadowy cold.

I am thankful.


The steam from my coffee rises up to greet a stream of light

on the kitchen table.

It shows me how to rise up – courageously, joyfully – and embrace all that is today.

I am thankful.



autumn lyrics


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