Our Top 5 Can’t-Live-Without Homeschooling Supplies

Is August really here? With school supply sales running full-tilt, I wanted to be sure to share some of my very favorite, can’t-live-without school supplies for the homeschooling family.

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Over these last few years of tot school, preschool, and running a day care, I’ve decided that homeschooling without these five little items would be a lot tougher.

Here are the top 5 school supplies that make our day a lot easier!

A Great Laminator.

Between little ones who love to rip things and food that ends up where I never thought it could, I’ve learned to laminate absolutely everything. I love this laminator and the pouches below. It makes chore charts, dry-erase activity pages, and bulletin board pieces so much sturdier and long-lasting! Be sure to order the pouches below so you won’t run out. 🙂

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4-Inches, 5 mil thick, 100-Pack (TP5854-100),Clear

A {Repurposed} School Supply Caddy


Having a place to store our “big kid” supplies (like scissors, dry erase markers and liquid glue) is important to us, so I came up with this little idea to reuse a silverware caddy that stays in our baby-proofed cabinet. It’s ready to tote wherever we are in the house! Don’t have an old picnic caddy lying around? I love the modern look of this one from Amazon…

mDesign Office Supplies Desk Organizer Tote for Scissors, Pens, Pencils, Notepads – Small, Gray

Kid-Sized Scissors

Fiskars 5 Inch Blunt Kids Scissors 3 Pack, Warm

Preschool is all about learning skills that will help you enjoy and acquire a love for learning, and scissor skills are a part of that! I absolutely love Fiskars brand. They don’t grow dull over time, and the size of handle seems perfect for my four year old.

One Educational Electronic Toy Your Child Loves

Thomas and Friends Me Reader (Story Reader Me Reader) 9781450868723

There’s some controversy on the use of electronic toys in education, but I love this screen-free “e-reader”. It comes with eight different actual hard-cover books and allows your child to hear and see the stories as they’re read aloud. Bonus…it helps me get lunch on the table, and is an excellent car-ride activity. 🙂

Crayola Twistable Crayons


Crayola Fun Effects Mini Twistables Crayons, 24-Count, 1 pack

These little guys literally lasted through two full years of preschool at home and a year of running a full time day care, and they’re still going strong! Since they’re mess-free, we use them for nearly every project. These are so worth every penny.


Looking for more ideas for your homeschool? Check out my Idea and Resources page!


Happy back-to-school-shopping-month!


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