The Greatest Commandment – Heart

It’s a new morning and a new week. Where is your heart in this moment?

I’d like to explore the first part of Mark 12:30 today…


I’ll level with you.

My heart isn’t always where it needs to be when I wake up each morning. It’s sometimes buried in worry or heavy with fear. Sometimes it’s even embroiled in anger. Not a great way to start the morning, right?

But it’s true. Because I’m human.

We all are.

And there’s no way we can live up to Jesus’ command to love God with all of our hearts by our own power.

Jesus calls for us to love him with our whole heart, and that can be tough when we’re thinking about the next item on the to-do list or how to respond to those harsh words your friend sputtered or where you need to take the kids in an hour. Thankfully for us, God’s power is made perfect in our weakness (II Cor. 12:9) , and because of that, Christ can step in, steep us in his love, and show us how to make those small, daily decisions that will bring us closer to loving him with our whole hearts.


Annie Spratt

And when we forget to ask him for help, he is still there. Ready to radically show us just how deep and fully and faithfully we can enjoy our relationship with him through his power.

Even though we’ll never perfectly live up to Jesus’ commandment, let’s strive to love Christ with all our hearts today.

Jesus, you know we are weak. You know we can’t be perfect. But instead of giving up, I want to ask for your help to make conscious choices throughout my day to love you more. Please come to my rescue with your loving power so I can intentionally decide to love you with all my heart today.


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