Thrifted School Supply Hack!

This time of year my Pinterest feed seems chalk full – pun intended – with beautiful school supply storage ideas. And what self-respecting teacher nerd can resist a lovely array of freshly sharpened colored pencils in a cute container?

This week I came up with a clever and pretty solution for organizing your homeschool supplies.

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Use an old silverware
caddy for writing utensils.


I’m embarrassed to say this little gem has been holding dusty, unused plastic picnic silverware on top of our cabinet for nearly two years (the horror)! While brainstorming new ideas for the countless, mix-matched colored pencils, markers and pens I looked up at those cabinets and knew this little caddy would be perfect!

Each little compartment, while intended for plastic dinner forks and knives, is perfect for housing a variety of supplies we use every day.


I absolutely love the napkin compartment – it’s perfect for storing our easy readers and Kindle!

The best part about this thrifted item is it’s handle. If my daughter needs markers, all she has to do is grab the caddy off the kitchen table and tote it to wherever she’s working. If I need a marker to highlight something in my planner, I can snag it quickly and easily without disrupting the craft-making peace. And when we’re done for the day, it goes right back on the school shelves with no ten-minute long crayon-and-marker-box-sort.

I found this caddy at our local thrift store for pennies. You can look for them at flea markets, garage sales or thrift stores. Want a more tailored look? Try up-cycling one with some paint or check the closest dollar store for their end-of-summer sales.

That’s my two cents for today!

What clever school supply storage system do you love?

cup for header

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