The Greatest Commandment – One

Welcome to part one of my new Weekly Brew Devotional series – The Greatest Commandment!

Today I want to jump head first into Scripture. No need to grab your Bible…here’s what I’m looking at:


On Saturday, I introduced this Scripture and gave a brief background on what Jesus is quoting. This Hebrew prayer was so vital that the Israelites often wrote it on paper wrapped around their wrists or foreheads!


But really, how often do I dwell on this little prayer of truth? I can honestly attest that I do not bind the words “The Lord our God, the Lord is one” on my wrist or state it aloud throughout my day. But maybe I should. Maybe I should at least think about what it means.

The Lord our God, the Lord is one.


Jesus knew that those religious leaders wanted to pose a trick question. After all, how unfair was it that Jesus was gathering up countless more followers sermon by sermon?

But Jesus can’t be double-crossed. He concisely pointed the leaders straight back to God’s sovereignty — The Lord is one.

And He is the only One who deserves our worship, praise, love.

Living in a world that does not understand that sometimes can make it tough to live out.

Yesterday morning at church, I bounced my two month old in the nursery while humming along to our worship team’s hymns. You definitely won’t find me bowing down to a statue made of bronze in my back yard or anything, but these verses really made me ask myself if there’s anything else I might be worshipping. Besides God.


Idols can be sneaky.

I don’t think idols very often begin as idols. Many times they’re not inherently bad things. Social media, friendships, hobbies. Sometimes they’re even necessities, like food or sleep! But how quickly something harmless can become addicting and dangerous.

Full disclosure…sometimes I wrongly allow my kids’ education get in the way of my relationship with God. It’s such a good thing, too! I mean, my kids have to learn, right? But when I allow the way I school them to knock a wedge between me and my Savior, it becomes an idol.

When I reread those red letters of Jesus – The Lord our God, the Lord is one – I’m reminded that Jesus commands us to be fully faithful in our worship of the One True God.

This week I’m working towards fully worshipping God. He is the only one worthy of our adoration.

If you’re still with me, won’t you pray?

The Lord our God, the Lord is one. I’m so sorry, Lord, for often losing myself in other idols, and not fully and faithfully loving you. Keep me close God, and please don’t delay in showing me my idols, how to lay them down, and how to fully enter into worship with you. 



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