Terms & Conditions

Thanks for visiting A Fresh Brewed Faith!

My desire for this site is to encourage and uplift others and provide useful information through my posts. With that in mind, here’s the fine print!

Terms of Use:

To make sure A Fresh Brewed Faith stays an encouraging and uplifting place, offensive, inappropriate or negative comments will be deleted. In addition, I will not be held liable for the the actions of others on this blog.


I claim the post content, photos, and graphics of A Fresh Brewed Faith as my intellectual property. Photos that are not my own will be credited appropriately. If you reblog, or pin, I’d love it if you let me know and/or credit me. Thanks!


Additionally, it’s important for you to know that I am not a doctor, medical professional, or dietician. All my posts and recipes are my own original thoughts, and are written in hopes of helping and encouraging others, but should not be taken as medical advice. I will not be held liable for any medical emergencies that may result from a person’s actions relating to any of my content.


When commenting, my site may ask for your name and/or email. I promise that I don’t like spam and I won’t be using your email for anything other than sending post updates, checking stats and connecting with you on this blog (like commenting back! 🙂 )

Sponsored Content:

You may occasionally see advertisements on this site. I sometimes earn a small portion based on post clicks and purchases through my links to affiliate websites. I am not responsible for the actions or content of the sites I have linked to my content or site. Please consult the terms of use and service pages for linked websites.


I reserve the right to delete or block any user who is not willing to use my site appropriately or in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Thanks for complying and most of all, thanks for being a visitor to A Fresh Brewed Faith!


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