From the Mouths of {my} Babes – Dessert and Exhaustion 

Well, it’s week #2 for the official documentation of the things my daughter says… and I’ll be honest – every single one revolves around either sleep or sweets!

(Or maybe those are just the ones I’m selectively hearing 😂)

Bundle, at the lunch table to Hubby and I:

“When I’m done with lunch, then you get to decide which kind of dessert I can have: three cookies, or one bowl of ice cream.”

Thanks for letting us know, kiddo.

Again, at the table:

“When I am done, I can eat a bite of Daddy’s dessert.


…Right, Daddy?”

When I was doing chores one room away from her…

Bundle: Mooooooommmy, what are you doing?

Me: Washing the baby’s diapers and taking out the recycling.

Bundle: At the same time?! You must be so tired!

Ha! My sweet dear, you have no idea.

Bundle, after a very early morning: “I’m sorry I woke you up early this morning, Mommy.”

Me: “It’s okay, honey. That’s just the way things go sometimes.”

Bundle: “Oh. Right. Even when I don’t wake you up so early you are still so esshausted in the mornings!”

Yep. Yes, I am essausted. 

I think we’ve successfully established two things: my daughter runs the dessert show in our house, and this mama is tired. 😂😴

Oh well… At least somebody’s sleeping!

Hope you got a chuckle out of these – have a great weekend!



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