From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

The silly, the wise, the adorable, the ridiculous… my daughter loves words, and sometimes those words just can’t NOT be written down.

I am constantly attempting to scrawl down those funny moments of four-year-old conversation before I forget. But… I’m actually pretty terrible at remembering to even write them down!

So, starting this week I’m going to be keeping track of those cute, silly, amazing, funny one (or two or three)-liners via blogging, and I want to share them with you!

I think that someday I’ll be glad I wrote these down. Hopefully my kids will be glad someday too. (Although probably not until after their high school graduation, when I could potentially embarrass them with these!)


At the coffee shop, Bundle is coloring, a few bookshelves away from the counter.

Me: I’m going to order my coffee. Be right back, honey.

Bundle: Mommy, even though you are going away from me, don’t worry. You will always be in your heart.


Earlier this week we picked peaches at a local orchard. To get to the trees with more low-hanging branches we rode in a four seater golf cart. She sat next to me, and I held Baby Bear in my front pack carrier. After the very short ride, she was convinced we needed a golf cart too, and was quick to problem solve how her five week old brother could safely ride in it…

Bundle: I think we should have one of those cars without windows, Mommy. I know! If we had one, we can just put Baby Brother up on top!


In the car yesterday, driving home from an impromptu McDonald’s ice cream trip…

Bundle: I don’t think I want to go to heaven…

Me: Is that because you think there might not be candy in heaven?

Bundle: …Yes…

We’ve had this conversation a few times before…


A few days ago, during nap time, while I was busy feeding her little brother…

Bundle: Mommy, will you still come to check on me?

Me: Yes. I’ll come to check on you when you are asleep.


Bundle: I’m asleep!


Happy Friday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

  1. I found a wonderful app that makes it pretty easy and fun to capture those little quotes! It’s called LittleHoots and it makes little images of your quote snippets. There are lots of free templates but you can also pay for some if you want. I love it because it makes those moments easy to save and share.

    …and you’ll always be in her heart!!! Oh that’s the stuff that makes you melt inside!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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