June Garden Tour

June – the month of full bloom.

The month of sunshine, harvest (here in the Midwest), poolside splashes, and iced tea.

I absolutely love this quote from Abrahm L. Urban…

Garden Quote.jpg

Does this ring true for you like it does me, lover of both flowers and sentiment?

So much of my garden has sentimental value. A story. A purpose.

I wanted to share some of them with you today!


These daisies are a five year work in progress. When we bought them at our favorite garden market we had no idea how huge they would get, or that we’d get to gather them into bundles to sell at farmer’s market last summer, or that they’d grace our bookshelves as we brought home our newborn son this May. Now, like our family, they’ve grown and flourished. And they’re still my favorites.


This is us, at the market where we first bought those two, tiny, double daisy plants – four years ago!



The lilies this year were a gift from my brother to my daughter on her birthday. She asked for “flowers I can plant by myself,” and he definitely came through. We’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival for weeks now! I have so much fun watching my daughter grow, and watching her become a little gardener. How lovely are these lilies?

Despite the harsh, hot summers here, these hydrangeas keep getting more and more exquisite each year. My grandmother, who lives in Washington state, always has lovely, enormous hydrangeas – all blues and greens – and when I bought this plant, I was thinking of her! It feels like a little piece of the Northwest on Kansas soil.


The cranesbill and dianthus below are a few of the picks my mom and I planted together, when my daughter was just an infant, after our family first moved to this home. I remember setting her in the Bumbo seat in the shade and watering these guys in the heat of that first June here. They became a harold of our homecoming, a sign of a new beginning. They still harold the beginning of summer each year with more and more blooms.


This gorgeous echinacea came up by surprise last spring, and then, thanks to some mischievous caterpillars, nearly died! But thanks to a local nursery owner’s advice, they pulled through…and came back with a vengeance this summer! I’m glad there are still surprises in my garden.



Here’s to more beautiful blooms and surprises this summer.


What nostalgic treasures are growing in your garden this June?



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