11 Fun Friday Ideas for Your Homeschool

Because sometimes making Friday a little extra special is completely worthwhile!

Create a “Morning Message”

I love using our giant chalkboard to write and draw something cute and simple (outline only) so Bundle can fill it in right after breakfast. She loves spending time using her imagination, using every  chalk color, and counting all the letters as she fills them in. You could use seasonal coloring pages, a white board, or even a blank sketch pad to create your morning messages. The bonus here is that it frees mama up to finish the after breakfast chores. Friday win on both accounts!

Take School Outside

Springtime weather permitting, the outdoors is a wonderful place to learn with a scenery change and catch some extra Vitamin D. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 🙂


Learn From Netflix

Take the time to incorporate some educational videos into your Friday! We love Magic School Bus as science extensions. 😀 If you’re looking for more fun Netflix resources for homeschoolers, check out this list from Our Good Family!

Host a Coloring Party

Jars of crayons or colored pencils, a stack of your favorite coloring books (yep, even the grown-up ones!) and some soft music can make for a fabulous wind-down from the week. Invite a few friends or just make it a family party. It’s a great way to de-stress once the week’s school activities are done.



Have a Make-Your-Own Snack Activity

Trail mix (think Dixie-cup scoops of cereal, nuts, etc. in brown paper bags) is an easy, low-prep choice. If you’re more ambitious, you could have the kids make their own celery and peanut butter “ants on a log,” frost and decorate graham crackers, or even bake something yummy!

Have a Toy-Rotating Party

Each week (usually on Fridays, just because it works out well) Bundle and I grab her quiet time activity box, and head to the basement. We pull out all the toys she’s used in the box for the week, put them away (or clean them if we need to) and restock her box with “new” toys and activities (that have been in storage) for the next week. It almost creates a sense of anticipation for quiet time, and always gets her more excited about the items she hasn’t seen in a while.



Swap a Daily Subject for Read Aloud Time

Snuggles on the couch, extra blankets and our attention-seeking kitty make the read aloud more fun and cozy. On warmer days, I can’t wait to read outside! Bundle loves the That’s Nat! series and the Magic Tree House series, too. Pinterest has some great ideas for age-appropriate read alouds.

Have a Jammie Friday

Why not devote a Friday to homeschooling in your PJs? Some of Bundle’s best school days have been in our pajamas. It definitely makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, and on cold winter days (or still chilly spring ones!) it’s fun to work and lounge at the same time. 🙂

Learn a New Computer/Kindle Game

At this point, technology isn’t something we use every single day for our actual school work, so on Fridays we make sure the Kindle is charged and use the Starfall app for a while. If you do use tech for part of your daily routine, try a new video game or computer game! We’ve also been working hand-eye coordination through a couple of games on Disney.com. Learning disguised as Disney makes everything better, right?


Work Together to Make a Sensory Recipe

Play dough, rice bins, kinetic sand, chocolate soap…Pinterest is full of fabulous sensory ideas and recipes! You could incorporate a recipe that coordinates with your week’s lessons, or even sneak science (scientific method), math (measuring), life skills (baking/cooking/cleaning), or reading (the actual recipe) into the activity. The learning possibilities are endless, and hopefully so is the fun!

Create a Friday Morning “Special” Menu Item

As the main meal planner in the house, I really love the idea of fun menu items on the calendar repeatedly. Your Friday breakfast could be as simple as your kids favorite cereal, or as complicated as a fancy, baked French toast casserole. Even though we don’t get to it successfully every week, pancakes are a Friday fave in our house.

Host a Field Day

Invite a few friends, set up a few relays or obstacles courses and let the kids run themselves ragged! I love dress-up relays (low prep) and games that involve taking turns like a frisbee or a bean bag toss. End the day or morning with an easy, kid pleasing snack (small water bottles, and apple slices, anyone?) and have the kids award each other with individual certificates like “best cone-jumper,” “farthest ball toss,” or “most accurate frisbee throw.”


How do you make Fridays special at your house?


Hope today (and all your Fridays) are fabulous!








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