Weekly Brew: Worth More Than Gold

Yesterday I stumbled across a pin with 20 writing prompts for spiritual journaling. I’m a journal junkie, and obviously, a Pinterest junkie, so I couldn’t pass up a quick glance. Before I could double click, one prompt jumped right off the page and really made me think:

The most significant area of my life that is not finding its way into my journal is…


Wait, what’s NOT making it into the pages of my journal?

What is ever-present in my life that I am I not journaling about? Giving though to? Praying for? 


Credit: freddy-castro

I’m going out on a limb here and letting you all know I actually looked through the last few months of my journal entries. Here’s what I did write a lot about:

  • my kids
  • Hubby and our marriage
  • homeschooling
  • favorite Bible verses
  • fears and uncertainties
  • the small, simple joys in my day

Of course, there are millions of things I could have written about and didn’t…but when I considered the “most significant area,” I knew it would have to be friendship.

Friendships that were forged perhaps on the elementary school playground, high school hallways, college dorm rooms, or even our local coffee shop or church. Those friendships I’m so invested in, so steeped in, some even on a daily basis…where are those in the pages of that pink notebook on my desk?

Some of my most treasured moments lately – the ones with friends – haven’t been very present in the more recent pages of the documented life that is my journal. (Thank goodness for instagram, right?)

But truly…all forms of social documentation aside, I’m thankful for that little pin. What a great reminder to be grateful for and give conscious thought to the friends in my life who are worth more than gold!


There are so many stunning examples of friendship in the Bible.

King Saul’s son, Jonathan, loved David as he loved himself, even to the point of “becoming  one in spirit” with him {I Sam. 18:1}. I have a small handful of precious “one-in-spirit” friends. I’ve been privileged to see all of them – though some of us live states away – at least once in the last 3 or 4 months. These are the friends to whom I bare my soul, text any time of the night, and sob with after heartbreak. I am so thankful for these priceless treasures.


Ruth clung to Naomi when disaster struck, and declared her home, people, heart to be alongside Naomi, wherever that might have taken her. I’m blessed to have many friends who have stuck with me despite mile-away-moves, new careers and families, and major career changes. I am ever thankful for those invaluable friends who continuously stay beside me, leaving the long distances, life changes and judgment in the dust.


When we first moved to this very rural, tight-knit community, I was straight out of college and newly married. I also felt immediately alone. There’s nothing like being the new kid in town. Introverted-me didn’t want to work hard for friendship. Stubborn-me didn’t think forging new friendships was worth it. Boy, did I learn…slowly. But when I finally did take a chance, I realized quickly how much richer life could be when I became willing to reach out invest in friendships with strangers. Thankfully (but not surprisingly), many of these “strangers” became close friends who encourage me when times get tough, watch my kids when I need a break, and speak truth into my life when its needed. These people have become my community. They, too, are beloved.

But the most precious and sacred example of all friendship lies in our Savior –

Jesus Christ –

Who loved us so very much that he laid down his life for us.


Although I often journal, write and blog about God’s Sovereignty and holiness, the purity and sweetness of Christ’s friendship sometimes gets left out. It came from the most innocent and unadulterated love, and provided us – his friends – with the greatest gift of all.


I’m so glad that little pin reminded me to dwell on friendship this week.


Lead us, Lord, with your resplendent example of friendship, to be thankful, faithful and prayerful in our friendships with others.


What helps keep you connected with your priceless friends?





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