Favorite Things Friday: Spring Break!

What does your “spring break” look like? Traveling to see family? Taking a day or two off work? Having all your kids home from school? Catching up on spring cleaning? Planting a garden?

Ours is kind of a conglomeration of all of the above! Since our March schedule is a bit crazy, we’ve decided to just take a few days here and there “off” from school, take a day trip or two, and have a more relaxed school time for the next couple of weeks.

I love having practical spring break goals like catching up on our yard work, continuing baby nesting, and tending to some long-neglected housework, but I’ve also decided to take some time off this and next week for family time, for mommy-daughter time, and just for me.

Here are my five favorite spring break checklist items we’ve done and are looking forward to!

Planning short “getaways” with family.


This week Bundle and I visited the museum from the town I grew up in with my mom on her day off. It’s a short day-drive from where we live, and it was wonderful seeing my parents and letting my daughter explore some of the things I remember awing over as a child! These prehistoric bones fascinated her – she’s a lover of all things dinosaur.

Planting flowers.


That same day we visited one of my favorite garden centers and filled the front seat with beautiful pansies, geraniums, and a tiny little mint plant! The car smelled amazing on the way home that day.

I was eager to get these guys in planters and pots, but the next day was sheer craziness – tumbling class, story time activities, getting play dates on the calendar, and even an unplanned out-of-town doctor’s visit. (All is well.) Thankfully, one of my friends and I have a wonderful system where we gift each other a “day off” once a month and watch each other’s kids. Yesterday she babysat Bundle and I was able to plant all of those gorgeous blooms! I’m looking forward to having her kiddos over here next week. 🙂

Not feeling guilty about indulging.


We found this cyclamen plant at Dillons on WAY discount. Apparently, it had fallen over and they wanted it out of display!! I was happy to take it home. Hubby snagged the plant and this amazing Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond candy bar, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying both this week. The book underneath the chocolate bar is a mystery in a Rhys Bowen series I’m loving – taking a fifteen minute break somewhere in the day is something I rarely do just to read, but this week, I’m doing it. 😀 Sometimes the simple indulgences can really make spring break feel more luxurious – even if you’re still at a desk working!

Taking more time to reflect.


On normal days (in other words, days we’re doing school, classes, and all our regular weekly events), taking more time to reflect means getting up earlier. But those quiet mornings are sometimes exactly what I need to get the day off to a peaceful start. This week I’ve been practicing getting up early to spend more time reading my devotional and praying, and I spent an hour or so yesterday reflecting (alone! – thanks, dear friend who watched Bundle!) at a public lake near our house. The park was completely deserted, and it made for a very serene afternoon just thinking and praying.

Taking care of allergies.



Every single person in our family suffers from seasonal and/or animal allergies. I’m taking time specifically over the next few weeks to do things like launder those “wash-every-once-in-a-while” items, blast the essential oil diffuser, vaccuum an extra time or two, groom our pets, and bring to life more indoor, air-purifying plants. It’s amazing what a difference these simple things – that I often forget! – can make when allergy season hits!


So with our “spring break in spurts” well on it’s way, I’m excited to check off some more of these favorite things on my list – practical and indulgent. 🙂


What are you planning for your spring break?






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