Dinosaur Prewriting Worksheets {freebies!}

Prewriting on the brain? These dinosaur work pages are perfect for little learners figuring out pencil grip, line tracing, and fine motor skills.


Prewriting was one of my very favorite things to teach when my daughter was in preschool. *Warning*nerdyteachermomsentenceahead* Watching her figure out how to hold a crayon, seeing her determination in tracing a squiggly line, and eventually witnessing the “aha!” moments when she can make her own lines was so much fun.

This month I’ve been focusing on this Pre-K/Kindergarten Dinosaur Unit Study post series, and these freebies actually conclude the printables I’ve created for the series! Hooray! I’m delighted to finally get everything posted.



In keeping with this dinosaur theme, I’ve created these worksheets with a variety of line shapes and styles.

For the solid lines, I recommend having your kids use a highlighter or large-tipped, kid-friendly marker. Bundle love seeing her own lines over the printed ones. For the dotted lines on Page 2, you could have your child use anything from a pencil to a crayon.

If you’re wanting to work on these pages over and over again, try laminating them, or placing them in reusable plastic sleeves and tracing the lines with dry erase markers. We loved using these Twistable Crayons for our prewriting work on paper, and did lots of dry erase work too.

Click on the links below to download and print your own worksheets!

Dinosaur Prewriting Skills Worksheets




For more prewriting resources, check these out!

Wipe It! Tracing Cards

Free Prewriting Practice Printables


Thanks for checking out my free dinosaur themed prewriting printables! I’ll be compiling all my dinosaur posts into one easy resource page next week, so don’t forget to come back!




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