Weekly Brew: Secret Things

I have a confession to make.

Lately my desire to be in control of my life has far outweighed my desire to trust in the Lord.

I’m a habitual planner. I love looking ahead, marking things down, creating schedules and lists, and checking items off. Keeping organized can be an advantageous part of my personality for sure, but the other side of the coin shows my habit to worry. To think more about the future instead of being present in the now. To clench tightly to things I can’t and shouldn’t be in control of instead of giving them up to God.


Whether these concerns are very weighty or quite menial in terms of a life-and-death perspective, I confess that I still worry about them.

The week’s schedule running smoothly.

The safe and healthy delivery of our baby in a couple months.

My children’s education.

What others think. About everything.

I don’t believe there are any worries or problems too small to bring to God. But my point isn’t to post about what people should or shouldn’t worry about. It’s my need to control that’s bringing my trust in God to a halt.


The truth is, even when I want to be in control of all those worries on my list, I can’t!

Deuteronomy 29:29 reminded me yesterday that some things…like our futures – in whatever small or large ways – are meant to belong to the Lord and Him alone.


If you’re a planner/worrier, I encourage you to check out the rest of the verse. The Almighty God reveals lots of things to us, it goes on to say. Those things He shows us are precious and they’re ours. But those secret things are the things in our life that I believe we are supposed to trust Him with.

The secret of how my day will truly unfold.

The secret of what others think about me.

The secret of my children’s future, health and safety.


This week my prayer is to trust more in the God who keeps the secret things safe. The ones I know and worry about, the ones I won’t know about until they happen, and even the things I’m not meant to know about until I see heaven.

I pray this Monday morning God will meet us where our worries are and capture our hearts to trust in Him more. Happy Monday!




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