Weekly Brew: Battlefields

Sometimes our battlefront is right here. In the few minutes of hot coffee we get to enjoy before the sun wakes up. In the chill of the dark, February morning air. In the quiet before the chaos of “Mom, where’s my other sock?!”

As Sarah Young so eloquently reminds us in Jesus Calling,

“Do not spoil these quiet hours by wishing them away, waiting impatiently to be active again. Some of the greatest works in {God’s} kingdom have been done from sick beds and prison cells.”

I am constantly underestimating how powerful these first few quiet moments of the morning can be.

During January, my daughter learned to recite Ephesians 6:11.


She does the actions and everything – it’s adorable. But it’s also truly powerful.

All day long, the devil sets traps for us, hoping we’ll succumb to anger, doubt, worry. The battlefield is so close we sometimes miss it! But if in these first few precious moments of our day we look to the Lord, and make a habit of putting on His powerful armor, soaking in His Spirit, the devil has no chance. If we carefully clothe ourselves with faith, truth, and peace, not only will that devil fail, but in addition, who knows what amazing and unimaginable things God will do through us?!

Sometimes when I’m sipping my morning caffeine in the quiet moments before the world wakes up, I forget that.

God, keep us safe in your strong, Holy arms. Keep our feet firmly planted in Your Truth. Let us first commune with you, putting on your full armor, so that your Spirit will permeate our souls and prepare us for battle, wherever we are.



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