Dinosaur Stomp Activity & Extensions

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Each week I’m posting one or two dinosaur free printables or activities to go with my Pre-K/Kindergarten Dinosaur Unit Study. This week’s activity is a fun brain-break style song, along with tons of extension activities!

If you were here yesterday reading my Weekly Brew, fear not! This is the perfect activity to wear out the kids, not the grown-ups! 😀

The “Dinosaur Stomp” by The Mother Goose Club is a short, fun way to get kids’ bodies and brains moving, work on large motor skills, get great exercise, and develop those important dramatic play skills. It even throws in some facts about how and what dinosaurs eat! A warning to the wise – it is catchy! Play at the risk of getting it stuck in your head for a day or two! 😀


After dancing, wiggling, chomping and stomping, here are some fun extensions to create a more involved lesson!

Music and Movement:

  • Play “Musical Dinosaurs” – play the youtube songs listed above, but pause the music every 15-20 seconds. On every pause, the kids must freeze mid-movement! When the music resumes, they can move again!
  • Change up the scenery! Take the video or music outdoors, if possible (phone, iPad, etc.), or to a park or local gym. Sometimes it helps to have a movement activity up your sleeve to get the wiggles out before another event or activity outside of home. 🙂
  • Create actions for the different plants the dinosaurs might eat for a quick and easy multi-player game! For example, stand tall with your arms out wide to be a tree. Have a friend come and *gently* “chomp,” “munch,” or “crunch” the leaves (hands). Switch places so everyone gets a turn to be the dinosaur.
  • Make up some new movements like run like a raptor, fly like a pterodactyl, or stretch like a brontosaurus. I love doing this for a cool-down activity before we start something new.

Arts and Crafts


  • Draw a picture of what a dinosaur might “chomp” or what the habitat looks like where he “stomps!” Add stickers, dot marker decor, stamps, or whatever your child likes to use best to enhance the habitat.
  • Make your own dinosaur habitat in a tin or on paper with my DIY Dinosaur Habitat activity!
  • Check out books from the library on how to draw dinosaurs for fun drawing lessons. For littles, have them trace the pages.
  • Explore texture with this fun play dough activity!

Science, Math Skills, and Vocabulary



  • Go on a nature walk to find some things dinosaurs might eat and collect in a container. As an extra extension, ask your child to sort the items into shapes, colors, or textures later.
  • Discover what different things dinosaurs eat. What are they crunching, chomping and munching?
  • Help your child use a computer to look up some of the names of the dinosaurs mentioned in the songs! Ask him what his favorite dinosaur is.
  • Practice measuring and counting skills by following a recipe for a “dinosaur salad.” With you monitoring/helping, have your child measure and chop (if you deem it safe) veggies and greens. Then eat it …er…chomp it, for lunch!

Keep coming back for more amazing dinosaur unit study ideas!

Happy stomping!


3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Stomp Activity & Extensions

  1. What a great idea! I’ll have to try this with my little nephew. I don’t know what it is about dinosaurs but they always win the hearts of little ones. For a snack we make “Brachiosaurus Bites” – kale chips 🙂 because they eat lots of leafy greens.

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