Weekly Brew: Primroses and Promises

Last week we found ourselves browsing at Home Depot, just for fun – a luxury of sorts, especially for Hubby who adores hunting through the used wood pile and discarded paint colors.

After Bundle had sprinted out the bulk of her energy in the refrigerator aisles (who knew she could be so easily entertained by kitchen mock-ups?) I eyed the indoor plant section at the front of the store. Be still, my beating heart. ❤

Is feasting one’s eyes on verdant and colorful plants not a breath of fresh air during the long, cold winter? These primroses were $1 each. $1!! I could absolutely NOT resist.


Orange is my favorite color, and I love bright pink, too. I bought them both and wasted no time in getting them into pots and onto my mantle. They seem to promise that springtime and hope are drawing nearer. Doesn’t warmer weather – and sometimes joy – seem so much further away at the end of January?


I’ve been dwelling on this promise of God lately. I thought, like the primroses, that it brings a certain assurance of better things to come.


I love this site I’ve stumbled across – talk about Biblical encouragement at your fingertips! Check it out!

I can’t just stop watering those primroses simply because it’s January and they can’t live outside. Likewise, I should be continuing to water my relationship with Christ through prayer and devotion, even when the spiritual season feels cold and dry.

My goal this week is to continue. To keep going. To keep doing good. God’s Word promises good things come from hard and good work. And today I’m choosing to believe that I will soon see those good things, that harvest.


This week I’m thankful He reminded me of this truth through some clearance plants at Home Depot.



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