Sensory Ice Play

Is anybody else a parent of a Frozen fan? This house is full of Frozen related items, and Hubby and I could probably belt out every lyric from every song of the movie.

I recently found a pin from Learning and Exploring Through Play with this cute and easy winter, nature-themed sensory play idea, and I knew I had to try it!


It turned out to be so fun, and I thought I’d share about how we set it up.

I used three mini Bundt cake pans and one large Bundt cake pan and filled them with water last night. Then I added the nature items: bits of evergreen branches, pinecones, sticks, leaves, and acorns. We froze them overnight. This morning, with a bit of warm water on the bottom of each pan, the blocks of ice popped right out and were ready for play! A plastic table cloth (gotta love that country floral print, right?) was really helpful for containing the melted water.



I also gave the kids some “tools” – chop sticks, tiny forks, and pastry brushes to dip in warm water – to dig out the treasures. I think they kind of felt like little ice archaeologists! Even the baby loved it. Each child could have their own ice block, but they also shared and worked together on chipping away at the large block of ice.

I usually only blog about invitations to play that I ‘ve found really work, with “work” meaning total engagement for 30 minutes or more. This activity lasted an hour! WIN! 🙂


The kids were actually asking for more ice after lunch time. Thank goodness the giant ice block hasn’t melted yet…we may be chipping away and finding more frozen treasures this afternoon!

Any favorite Frozen or winter-themed activities out there?



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