Library Dramatic Play: A Wintry Invitation

So it’s 20 degrees with a windchill of who-knows-let’s-not-go-outside-to-find-out where we live! So with lots of indoor play ahead, I put together this little invitation to play for my library-loving daughter to enjoy.

This is a really easy set-up (ten minutes, tops!) and it’s the perfect scenario for letting the kids be “in charge!” Checking out books, organizing book stacks and displays, and even stamping library cards help this dramatic playtime come to life. Just be careful of the kids charging you fines for those overdue books! 😉


Here’s what you need:

  • A few of your favorite holiday themed books (or not! You could do this for any theme or season!)
  • A large bag or tote
  • A few small pieces of cardstock
  • A small stamp or two, and an inkpad (stamp markers could work as well)
  • Markers/crayons (to decorate bookmarks and library cards)

And these are optional, but sweet daughter loved (and requested) some of these additions:

  • A pretend cash register (or something else that “dings” or makes noise for the “check-out” action
  • Stuffed animals (both apparently available for checkout, and who have cards themselves! Ha.)
  • Tape for book repair (we really did have some torn books)
  • A cozy spot to read!

The coffee, of course, was for me. 😀 Whether employee or patron, coffee is a library necessity, no?

Here’s what we did!

We started with the small pieces of cardstock and created library “cards” and bookmarks using our stamps and markers. Every single stuffed animal received a card. 😀 On the back of each card, I drew lines so that you could stamp each time you checked out a book.

Next we used some taller cardstock pieces to create bookmarks. They actually turned out super cute, and I may end up laminating them! Everyone received a bookmark after checkout time – a Story Time tradition at our local library that my daughter cherishes.


After our cards and bookmarks were done, we set up a row of books and began the checking out! My daughter had fun swiping each book under the cash register and ringing the bell – just like a real library scanner – and stamping my card for each item! We even checked out the animals, and included them in “story time!”

I have to admit, playing the librarian was pretty fun! Perhaps in another lifetime I will be one!

We spent nearly two hours playing library, and it was such a blast.  Even the kitty wanted in on the action.


This will definitely be a do-again activity, at any season.


For readers with kids at home, what other holiday activities are you planning, and what are your favorite holiday children’s reads?


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