Chaos and Light

I admit, this holiday season has felt pretty chaotic, and it’s been difficult for me to find time to simply sit and dwell on God’s Word. Time seems to fly right out the door with this arctic tundra wind.

I’ve been praying lately for motivation to do more Christ-seeking and more Word-dwelling. This morning, I was blessed with a few spare minutes and decided to spend them looking at a new devotional I started on my YouVersion Bible app.

I was glad I did. The devotional gave three short Bible passages to read, and then gave some interesting challenges. The first was to research the history of Christmas lights. Next it asked readers to think about scientific facts regarding light. Finally it encouraged the reader to think (or in my case, journal! 🙂 ) about how Christ is like light, and how we are challenged to be lights for His glory.

I am really enjoying this devotional plan. If you’re curious, check out the Life.Church devotional plan “Rediscovering the Christmas Season” from the YouVersion Bible app. I’m only a few days in (and have been at it for a few weeks…) but I’ve never been disappointed after spending time going through the readings. It’s wonderful and I highly recommend it!

I left the Christmas light research for later – see below! – since my morning alone time is precious and short, and dove right into Matthew 5 instead. This verse is the one that stuck with me most, and I felt like sharing.


Before I knew it, I was caught off guard.

Let your light shine before men.

These are words I’ve heard so many times, but as it so often is during the busy holidays, they got lost somewhere in the scheduling of parties and lists of to-dos. I was sharply reminded that I can’t shine by myself.

God has to shine through me.

And I need to allow him to do it! Even, and probably especially, amidst Christmas chaos.

Somehow my heart found an old-but-new meaning in those words. The busyness of Christmastime, and even the good deeds we have scheduled in – taking tins of goodies to hard-working community members, donating items to charity, spending quality time with our families – cannot drive out darkness by themselves. I can’t drive out the darkness. I never can, I never will. No matter how good I am.


This short little verse reminded me that light is the absence of darkness. Light drives away fear.In Christ’s presence, there is no darkness. He illuminates it all. In Christ’s presence, there is no space for fear. He can cast it all away.

With Christ at the forefront of my heart, no amount holiday  chaos can overtake His Light.

 Thank goodness.

I did learn that candles melted or pinned to Christmas tree branches were the first “Christmas lights,” and signified the beginning of the Advent season in Christian homes in early modern Germany. Source!

But I need to let Christ in. If I focus the energy of my heart and mind on His presence and His light, the room can’t be dark anymore. As soon as Christ enters in, there is no more room for darkness!

There is no. more. room.

My prayer for today is that I’ll let Christ shine through me, and that I’ll continue to let His Light in.

I’m so excited to see what kind of peace, love and joy might be ushered in with that small flicker of hope…




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