My daughter picked dandelions today.

She rolled the fluffy white seeds between her fingers, studying them intensely before releasing them into the prairie breeze.


I had the tremendous privilege to spend my weekend worshiping God in fellowship with others, planting perennials in my flower beds, and watching my daughter play in a yard full of dandelions. There was no better way to spend it. I almost wish I could extend this weekend indefinitely…

. . . b u t . . .

We can’t sustain or keep anything forever. The beautiful, warm, spring sun set this evening. The dandelion seeds blew away. The weekend came to an end.

But God is teaching me that when I am at my end, He is there. His Word is there.




God Is.


So He sustains me.


May we all see how God and His infinite love and Truth sustain us this week.





2 thoughts on “Dandelions

  1. So glad to hear of your refreshing weekend. God’s timing is amazing, isn’t it?! He provides/sustains us when we need it most. I’ve experienced that it my life too. Blessings to you!

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