Fall Learning Themes for Preschoolers (Part 1)

I must admit that every theme idea on this post came directly from my daughter!

I asked her this morning at breakfast what she wanted to learn about in the next few weeks. She stated matter of factly:

Doggies, kitties, fireworks and fingernails.

The little learner has spoken.

All silliness aside though, I love hearing what she wants to know more about and want to use her ideas to springboard my lessons! I can’t think of any better way to start off a new school year than catering to her hunger for learning!

So basically, I made a little outline our learning themes for the next four weeks. We cover one topic each week. I’ve listed several learning activities and books to go with each theme, and tried to cover my bases in terms of the multiple learning intelligences and basic preschool standards.

Hope some of these ideas get your little ones excited and inspire more fun ideas for the start of preschool this fall!


  • PetsIMG_3437
    • Create a veterinarian dramatic play area
    • Count the plastic dogs (or cats or fish), make patterns based on color or size
    • Review colors of the animals – for my kids, specifically differentiate between black, brown, grey and yellow
    • Do somersaults, hopping, or bear crawling with stuffed animals
    • Build a house for stuffed or plastic animals out of blocks or another kid-friendly building material. (I may just go crazy with this and have Bundle use couch cushions, folded socks and laundry baskets!)
    • Favorite Pet-themed Book Series:
      • Henry and Mudge
      • Curious George
      • Biscuit
      • Clifford
      • Martha Speaks
      • Pigeon Presents!
      • Pete the Cat


  • Fireworks
    • Have fun with crisp rice cereal! Discover what it sounds like when you crunch it in your hands, pour it in different bowls, sprinkle sugar on it, pour milk into it, and even when you crunch it in your mouth!
    • Dissect a party popper and talk about how they work, then celebrate by popping several! Talk about what they look like, smell like and sound like!
    • Simulate a firecracker sound by whistling and stomping on the sidewalk with rubber flip flops.
    • Create firework paintings with plastic straws or old paper towel tubes
    • Find a fun and short firework display video and use it to reinforce color identification and counting skills
    • Read Fourth of July, Sparkly Sky 


  • Wildlife200193_1004996003746_551_n
    • Create a coloring book by printing off five to ten wild animals in a specific area. We vacationed in Colorado this summer, so I actually went to their State Park website and printed their wildlife coloring book. Talk about everything for each animal, from fluffy fur to ferocious teeth!
    • Scout for animal tracks in a local park or nature trail or go for a wildlife walk – listen for animal sounds as well.
    • Learn the names of animal babies (fawn, calf, cub, etc.)
    • Review letters by animal (D is for Deer)
    • Make a shoebox wildlife diorama with playdough, pretend grass, sticks and rocks and plastic wildlife animals.
    • Live near a state park or lake? Take a hike and keep a nature journal to remember what you see, hear, and touch.
    • Favorite Wildlife Books:
      • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
      • Good Night, Baby Bear
      • The Mitten
      • Wild About BooksIMG_5461  IMG_5458 IMG_5459


  • Basic Human Bodytwinkle-toes
    • Practice naming all the body parts, or make a diagram to color as you name it!
    • Sing Head, and Shoulders, Knees and Toes!
    • Create an eye chart using large poster board or paper and a black permanent marker
    • Create a dramatic play area for a doctor’s office using clean and empty baby syringes, felt band-aids, blankets, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, and plastic kitchen tools! If you’re more ambitious, I love this idea.
    • Print off coloring pages about doctors and nurses
    • Review letters of the alphabet based on each body part – M for Mouth, E for Eye, etc.
    • Draw outlines of your bodies with chalk outside or on butcher paper inside and decorate!
    • Talk about taking care of our bodies and being safe, like using our eyes when we run and jump and play so as to not run into one another.
    • Talk about what each body part can do – legs jump, eyes see, hands hug, etc.
    • Favorite Doctor/Nurse/Human Body Books:
      • George Goes to the Hospital
      • Doctors and Nurses: What Do They Do?
      • Biscuit Visits the Doctor
      • Jenny’s in the Hospital
    • Discuss hand washing and about taking care of our hands, and even do a “Hand Spa” for those interested! (washing, drying, lotion, finger nail polish 🙂 ) I love this hand washing song! We had it taped to our mirror for a long time.


Well, there it is! A rough idea of (hopefully) our first few weeks of preschool! ❤

I plan to post Part 2 next month, with four more weekly learning themes & ideas. What I love about fall is that it’s so versatile, and August/September is just the beginning. I can’t wait to cover leaves, apples, and pumpkins!!



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