Weekly Brew: Multiplying Grace


There has been much hate in the world news lately. Hate, violence, and despair. How hard it is to think of grace and peace, even in small amounts, in the immense brokenness and suffering of humanity.

And yet, God is Grace. God is Peace.

The apostle Simon Peter reminds us that God “called us by His own glory and excellence.” What a beautiful reminder. Our brokenness, hurt, anguish, ugliness, sorrow, was carried away on the cross. It died, and in its place emerged Truth, Healing, Hope, Life.

A little girl in church this morning asked me, “Why does God let bad things happen?” The electricity had just gone out, due to a torrential rain and thunder storm, and we stood still in the middle of a dark hallway near the church foyer.


I’m sure there are many well-learned, Biblical answers to her question, but my honest and gut-reaction was simply, “I don’t know, sweetheart.”

My point is that being a recipient of God’s grace doesn’t make a Pinterest-beautiful, problem free life. In the midst of God’s infinite grace and peace, the world is still the world. It remains a dark place. I still have sin in my life. I still have such deep need for divine salvation.

Peter urges us not only to acknowledge and receive God’s grace and peace, but to live in it, and to multiply it! This beautiful call reminded me today to be a piercing light in wretched darkness and a healing balm for hurting people.

my flower

My prayer this week is to let God’s grace and peace drench me, and drench us as believers. May we soak it up, and be wrung out for Him, multiplying the grace and peace that we so desperately need, and He so graciously gives.



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