Perfectly Simple Cafe-Worthy Iced Coffee

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Behold, iced caffeinated heaven.

Looking for a super easy way to make cafe-worthy iced coffee? Look no further. This former barista has discovered the perfect way to make iced coffees at home. And it couldn’t be easier.

The chilling and freezing process will take about a day, so if you want instant gratification, doing the first two steps ahead of time will probably best suit you.

It starts with I call a “coffee base.”


Coffee Base

1 1/2 c. strong brewed coffee

1 1/2 c. milk — cater this to what you like! Almond, soy, skim; anything goes!

Simply pour the 1-1 ratio in a large glass pitcher. Refrigerate until cold.


Then you need to create the “coffee cubes,” basically coffee frozen into ice cube trays. Using coffee instead of ice keeps the base from getting watered down later.

I use this adorable coffee bean mold I received as a gift —
1 c. of brewed coffee will make about 5 cubes. You may need two or three cups, depending on your ice cube tray. Simply brew, pour and freeze.

When the base and cubes are chilled and frozen, you can pretty much make any iced coffee drink you like. But if your tastebuds are craving something a little more decadent, grab the chocolate and read on.

Perfectly Simple Cafe-Worthy Iced Mocha



1 c. coffee base

2 coffee cubes

1 (heaping) Tbsp. chocolate syrup or mocha sauce

1 Tbsp. whipped cream or whipped topping

*chocolate syrup drizzle for garnish*

Pour the base into your glass. Drizzle in the Tbsp. of chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely incorporated. Now you get to drop in the coffee cubes!

Finally, top with whipped cream and garnish as desired.

Don’t goblets make everything prettier?

Hubby was my guinea pig for this particular glass…I don’t think he was sad about that.


This is the best coffee recipe to experiment with because you can truly make it your own. Love the spices of fall? Add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and use caramel syrup. Want a frappucino reminiscent of Starbucks? Blend your cubes and base with the syrup and chocolate chips! Need caffeine, plain and unadulterated? Simply pour the base into a glass and add the cubes. 

With this base in my fridge, there’s sure to be more coffee recipes coming soon, so stay tuned!


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